The Nerds

Rand(Nerds); currently consists of the following:


Either owned or has owned pretty much every console that has been on the market. Enjoys retro gaming and regularly streams on his twitch channel


Resident PC gamer, spends the rest of his time fiddling with electronics or painting Warhammer 40k miniatures


Hailing from the fantasy land of Denmark, Zaber give our game night a European touch. Also the composer of our excellent outro music

Former nerds

Those who have departed, or appear with infrequency.


It has long been a mystery how his name is actually spelled, and changes each time it is written down. Playstation game through and through as well as regular watcher of TV. still makes apperances on our Doctor Who discussions


One of our early nerds, first heard on episode 3 and making regular appearances for the first few years. tabletop RPG and board game enthusiast.