Lets Plays

TheSuffolkRam has completed a number of lets play of his favorite games, check them out below.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Originally a mobile game ported to PC, Rams first ever lets play. sadly never had the developers never made seconded part completed.

Deus Ex: Game of the year Edition

The original Deus Ex, and One of Ram favorite games. Augmented agent JC Denton travels the globe to unravel a conspiracy for world domination.

Metro: Last Light

After a nuclear war, the survivors eek out a life in the metro tunnels below Moscow, Artyom has to prevent the rise of some foes from the past

Project Eden

A old PS2 game where upto four player split screen have to puzzle and fight there way through hordes of enemy’s to get to the base of a futuristic city.

Amensia: The Dark Descent

First Person horror game where you have no way to fight back against the monsters, apart from your wits, cunning and sometime running.

Sir, you are being hunted

One of the first games we ever talked about on the Podcast, you are trapped on a set of 5 procedural generated islands and have to escape whilst being hunted by British robots


One of the most amazing game of its day, with massive levels and somewhat clever AI (humans at least). Escape from a range of tropical islands and prevent a mad scientist unleashing his mutants on the rest of the world

The Talos Principle

First person puzzle game featuring some unique mechanics, plus lots of conversation with a computer

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director cut

Release in 2012, nearly 10 years after the the last Deus Ex game and taking the series back to it roots, Adam Jenson is a corporate security guard who has his life changed after an attack on his employers. He has to try and locate who is behind the attack and what did they want.

This version of the game also includes content that was originally release stand alone.


From the creatures of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Set in the future after an asteroid impact has wiped out humanity. You find yourself on a underwater base where the last survivors remained with no idea how you got there and strange creatures stalking the halls. this game delves and asks the question, what makes us who we are?

Amensia: A Machine for pigs

The sort-of sequel to The Dark Descent. Set in Victorian London at the turn of the 20th century, You wake up alone in a mansion, with no idea what happened and a mysterious voice warning you about how your children are in danger. One of Ram’s favorite games

The Turing Test

Waking up above Europa, orbiting Jupiter, you are send down to the play by the onboard AI TOM to find out what happens to the crew already down there. Excellent puzzle adventure with a neat twist at the end.


Something more light hearted, a simple puzzle game featuring a talking bear toy and intelllgent Maize (the plant). A fun game even if some of the jokes wear after a while.


Set in 1960, you are the only survivor after a plan crash, and happen upon an massive underwater city where the inhabitants have turned on each other after discover adam, a drug that lets them have extraordinary powers.

Alien: Isolation

An ongoing lets play that might be finished by Ram at some point.

Set after the original Alien film. You play Ripley daughter, who has headed to a space station that has found the black box from the Nostromo. Unfortunately, there is an unwanted present on the station.