Rand(Nerds); Podcast Episode 242 – Scarlet Nexus, Two Point Campus

We kick off with a bit of a discussion of the history of iPhones models and the ups and downs of the Apple products, and how we feel phone technology has stagnated and the need to upgrade is less required. We also discuss other modern devices. 

Skazz has been playing Scarlet Nexus an action rpg with psychic power fighting the strange ‘others’, you play two characters with separate stories with an interwoven plot

Ram has moved on from being a hospital administrator to being in charge of a university with Two Point Campus (yes he gets the name wrong), charging students lots of money for sub par facilities including sharing beds and sink-less bathrooms.

Ram spy’s antics, the real cloud computing, modern pig technology, being made to feel old and the modern high street


The history of iPhones

CT scan of airbud

Fight against the others in Scarlet nexus

Great value deals for the above game

Bankrupt people for the vague hope of a future wealth in Two Point Campus

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